Review for The Curse of the Curls

The Curse of the Curls

(#) riaryder 2006-12-31

This story is insane. In a good way, of course. But Sheena really needs to make some time for oreo boy. But not sure if that's something I want to read, in a catching your parents kind of way. Although by 2020 I will be.....well, old, so maybe it won't make me want to heave by then. Ah, this futuristic stuff is confusing me. Have a point for the oreos, the curls and the evie president re-naming. Very funny, lady

Author's response

Ha ha. I thought about having Kyle catch Sheena and Patrick in the act... but by the sounds of it, there's not much going on in the bedroom. Yeah. Well, one or two days ago I finally had an idea for the plot (like, where the heck is this story actually going?) so we'll see what's happening to Shee-Shee and Hat Rack.
The futuristic stuff is confusing me, too, if that helps at all.
Thanks, ya ken... ah, I like plaid. That's all I got. Thanks for the r&r, lady! :)