Review for Echoes of Power, Part I: Anger

Echoes of Power, Part I: Anger

(#) Geovanni_Luciano 2007-01-01

Well, I'm obviously not reviewing every chapter, but when one jumps out at me I have to. To add to this review, I just finished reading your responses to my previous reviews. Thanks for the response as it's something that I'm finding to be a rarity. I'm not a huge fan of Harry/Ginny and that really is for a pretty simple reason. For most of the series she has been more of a non-character or a side note until end of fifth year and periodically through sixth. Your Ginny is interesting, and I find it interesting that you have innuendo that leads the reader to believe that she was sexually assaulted. I hope that this is either cleared up, explained or given a flashback for more description. You were building the relationship nicely for awhile. One thing that I've noticed is a lack of Luna. I hope that she makes an appearance.

Author's response

In general, I try to respond to anyone that leaves a review. They may not like the response if they demonstrate flagrant stupidity, but I will respond. If you take the time to read and review, I should take the time to reply. I think JKR's treatment of Ginny was really unfair to the character, but I can understand why she did it -- she has her plot, she has space limitations, and ultimately, she's writing kids' stories. She's not writing for adults, or romance stories, or anything like that. Within the constraints she set up, I can understand why she did it, but I still don't like it. I always thought there was quite a lot of potential for many characters that got inadvertently shafted in canon -- Ginny, Neville, Cho, etc. Ginny was not, strictly speaking, sexually assaulted. That's not to say the overtones you're reading are incorrect, necessarily, just that you're a bit off the target. But at least you're thinking about it. And yes, all of the niggly little details that make everyone wonder what's going on -- they shall all be explained. And if you've made it through Ch19, you should have finally met Luna in Echoes. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.