Review for The Doors of Perception

The Doors of Perception

(#) swordofice1 2007-01-01

You have a good begining,keep up the good work and update as frequently as possible.

We all know that Rowling is either going to make harry either die before they make up or they are going to make up and live happily ever.


Even though we all know that, we prefer our fantasies to the truth.

Because there is so many Harry/Ginny stories, that if one reads enough, one becomes tired of that pairing and looks for another.

That is why there is so many other pairings.

If you ever get tired of H/G then go to DarkLordPotter . Almost 99% of the stories are not H/G.

Author's response

Frankly, you're coming across as a complete idiot.

Did you fail to notice that this story is marked "Completed" ? It's a one-shot.

You think I lack knowledge that there are other pairings? You've certainly implied it. Or you're implying that because someone else once wrote a Harry-GiantSquid paired story, no one else can do anything "new" and worth reading with that pairing? And I should care that some other web site has very little H/G pairing because ... why exactly? There are plenty of sites dedicated exclusively to H/G, H/Hr, H/Voldie, H/Draco, H/Foo.

As for Dark Lord Potter. I went over and took a short glance at it. I even found that someone pointed to my main story, Echoes of Power, and then it was promptly flamed for having martial arts by people that clearly have never studied it, never practiced it, and spend all their free time playing games or watching cartoons (sorry, anime or manga) that use it. Surely that makes them experts. It gets even better. Most of the people flaming it admit that they (a) didn't bother to read it, and (b) couldn't be bothered to read it, but that's okay because (c) they wanted to vent their mindless drivel anyway.

The overwhelming impression of that web site is a bunch of prepubescent males with a lack of life experience.

Thanks, but no thanks.

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