Review for I'm Sorry Mama

I'm Sorry Mama

(#) xDisenchantedx 2007-01-02

Hey there. This story was really emotional, and much, MUCH better than most on the site. I really liked it. There are just a few things I'm unsure about, but that might just be me. I was unsure of Gerard and Mikey's ages in the story, if they were teenagers or adults. Also I wasn't completely sure what was going to bring the boys harm or the thing about the two years... I mean, I have ideas but it wasn't completely clear. But that's alright, because that's what gave the story an element of mystery, I suppose. I like the use of second person-ish, and I honestly don't think you should rewrite it or write a sequel because I liked it this way. You're really a very good writer. So I hope to see more from you, and I will be sure to put this on my favorites list!

-Bee, xDisenchantedx

Author's response

oh jeez. aha. thanks ;]]. i re-read through this a while ago [night i posted it actually] and even i got a bit confussed, that's why i'm going to re-write it. plus that and the dreadful spelling mistakes. thanks again, you're lovely.