Review for I Won't Go Down By Myself

I Won't Go Down By Myself

(#) SafeFromRobotsDAMN 2007-01-02

woah! -that's a tough dilema, still i wouldn't mind being in it! But poor Mikey, he's so sweet and he made out with a guy just so he wouldn't be rubbish for her. Mind you, he kinda liked it. Oooh! i just had an idea- ya probs won't won't to use it bu' hey twood be hot- Mikey gets with Frank so that Gerard can be with Bella.:) OR super big twist, Gerard and Mikey...together- he he:) Maybe not....

Author's response

omfg sounds hott. i am soooo guna incorporate some slash. ohh what about ray/bob? or gerard/bert? orrrr mikey/bert and gerard gets jealous so mikey leaves bert and ends up with bella again? dramaaaaa