Review for I'm Sorry Mama

I'm Sorry Mama

(#) xDisenchantedx 2007-01-02

Oh my goodness. That was amazing. That was SO powerful, the emotion and the-.... regret, and pain, it made me want to read on, and it made me cry. The details that you add are so vague, and hint at the plot without actually giving it all away. I love that. You are truly gifted at writing, and it really shows with this piece. Great job, keep up the good work.

~ The overly modest half of xDisenchantedx.

Author's response

aha. wow, thanks for that. i have no idea what exactly it is about his story that people like so much, lmao. i think maybe it's that none have been told from this point of view or some shit like that, i don't know. grr. lol.