Review for I Won't Go Down By Myself

I Won't Go Down By Myself

(#) SafeFromRobotsDAMN 2007-01-02

lol- yeah does sound hot! but- now i'd just like to point out i'm no the brightest bulb in the toolbox- I just realized, and i HAVE read the summary before, that it mentions a TERRIBLE ACCIDENT that leaves her with Gerard (so therfore i'm guessing Mikey dies(aww))so yeah... DUH!!!! honestly, it seems not only am i safe from Robots but i am safe from saying intelligent little things of speech and end up talking about slash (however ingenious it is-lol). Anyhoos, just thought i'd share my STUPIDITY with your kind self...cos i'm bored :(

Author's response

gasp. I would never kill off cute little Mikey. But I will incorporate the supernatural in here in a few chapters. someone will diee...but whooo????