Review for Red and Black

Red and Black

(#) TrekQueen 2006-04-20

I agree with Helluin that this is fleshing out nicely. I, too, would like to whap Ikvan upside the back of the head for being such a hard-ass. Then again, sometimes youngsters like Auron need that discipline and strictness. However, I have one possible issue, but you may go into detail about it later on in the story. In FFX it is learned that Auron did not get his promotion (that Kinoc eventually got) because he refused to marry the daughter of some head priest (or someone like that...). I'm curious why they would have him marry if he is to remain celibate... unless of course there are some underlying purposes to the fixed-up marriage proposal.

Author's response

So this is how you do that nifty little Author's response thing? Thank you. And as far the Kinoc/marriage issue goes, I will address that a further bit down the road. I can say that I believe that only the Warrior Monks are vowed to celibacy-- their minds must be on the battle. I think they are the lowest rung of Yevon clergy and the promotion Auron would have received would have allowed him to ascend from the ranks of the monks and thus, allowed a "normal" life.