Review for The Power

The Power

(#) DarkeGray 2007-01-05

Great chapter, though I did have to go back and read the whole story over again because I forgot a lot of what happened. Also, Harry seems a little too arogant of his powers. I understand that he doesn't care, but he really is going pretty far with not caring about anything. Almost makes it seem that he doesn't care about anyone. Maybe if you showed some emotion toward someone, like have him admit that he really likes Hermione or needs her or something, because if I had a friend like him, I would think he didn't really care and only had me around so someone could hear him talk. Also wondering if you were going to give Harry a girlfriend in this story? Anyways, good chapter, hopefully next one comes sooner.

Author's response

The truth of the matter is that Hermione is just about the ONLY person he cares about. And she is more than smart enough to know that without some fluff bunny hopping in and telling her. Also, she was pretty arogant in canon, and she has been spending all her time with my Harry, so it is doubtless that she has a heathy self-image as well. Thanks for the review.