Review for The Curse of the Curls

The Curse of the Curls

(#) MMMramen 2007-01-05

Isaac could suggest they piss onto a socket and Mark would high-five him and grunt something appreciative. HAHAHAHA…I’d high five him too.

Dad! This is just... ah, a sample contract that I had to draft for my... business class. Yes, that's a new subject at my school. Remember? Mom told you about it." She sure knows how to manipulate daddy-cakes. It’s quite cute.

Did Austrians usually blurt out their sexual preferences? In my experience, yes they do.

Was she just suggesting a gang bang? pees pants

This chapter was just a non stop laugh riot. It was so funny, it was hot. So, I will rate you as such. Yay for rating!

Author's response

If you can piss onto a socket I'd high-five you too. And have sympathy because most likely, your hair will resemble mine then.
Are you referring to the time I told you IN PRIVACY that I wouldn't say no to having Dirty wash my hair? While I watch Joe and Andy cross-dressing and Pete's Mom giving me a lap dance? Cos that is hardly sexual, ya know...
Yay for reading, reviewing and rating! DoJ hi-5 Because the two of us are too cool to hug.