Review for Having Both is a Blessing

Having Both is a Blessing

(#) Reko 2007-01-06

That was fantastic!!!!!!! I don't think any one could have written a chapter like that better. (on ficwad I mean, maybe JKR could of but its HER so you probably get what im saying) anyway, more too read still, and more catching-up to do ;)
Cheers!! ~Luna/Reko~

Author's response

That was a fun chapter to write as I had to be thinking of who was where and doing what, when and how to show you 5 or 6 different places at the same time.
And I liked writing the bit about Luna and Neville figuring out what had happened.
Right responses to various situations and Neville showing his leadership skills.
He can shine when he's out of Harry's shadow, and I'm not saying Harry is deliberately keeping Neville back, he isn't, but given the chance, Neville is quite the formidible wizard.