Review for To Fight the Coming Darkness

To Fight the Coming Darkness

(#) Alatoic01 2007-01-06

An excelent chapter, Bill was in all is right to get some justice and beside he was right it will have made a political mess and make trouble for the minister.

Its seems that Susan is slowy begining to take her role as the person that will root Harry into the light side and she knows and acept that she will be waiting for him, the best she can do is to keep training and stay out of the fights so Harry can concentrate and she can take Harry out of his depression and post-traumatic disorders.

Its seems that Draco will need to take his own decisions, I just hope he doesnt become a drone and mantain himself out of the country(he will probably presured to serve Voldermort).

I just hope you can update soon and let us know what more have been hapening and the aftermath of the battle. Specially what the ministry and Voldemort think of who win.