Review for The Potters and Dumbledore's Secret

The Potters and Dumbledore's Secret

(#) whatareyouevensaying 2007-01-08

Good to have you back and writing again. One of my favorite aspects of this chapter (and this story) is your willingness to involve older students from the start. It's nice to see, and I can't wait for more (as usual).

Author's response

Thanks for commenting and I hope my latest time away won't keep you from reading. That was one of the reasons I started this story was to get other characters involved. Nymphadora was a key part of this that's why I made her a tad younger, but Penelope wasn't planned when I first started but has really grown on me. All of the Quidditch team is older than Harry and will be involved down the line, and not to mention Gryffindor's team as well with Fred and George taking a liking to Harry.