Review for Rules Of Engagement

Rules Of Engagement

(#) Weiila 2007-01-13

First I'll say that I've only played Warcraft 2, then skimmed a bit of the lore prior to starting up WoW. Still, even if I don't have a clear view of what exactly is going on, I have no problem whatsoever enjoying your story. I guess that says a lot about your writing skills :)
You make me feel for these characters even though I hardly know who they are. Thrall especially shines as a courtly orc. The concept is beautiful and you work wonderfully with it (in Ceasefire too, even more - which I also loved).

I do find that the descriptions get a little bit wordy at times, but somehow you never quite spill over in purple prose. There's a very beutiful flow to your way of weaving a story, creating a feel of a classical tale of some kind.

I must say though, that I raised my eyebrows at a couple of things with Jaina - now, I understand that she's tough, and you want her to seem that way, but that thing with the very possibly cracked rib and the broken finger seems a wee bit unbelievable in the sense of her seemingly not caring at all about it. But otherwise, I thoroughly enjoyed reading both your Warcraft stories.