Review for The Power

The Power

(#) Genericrandom5 2007-01-13

Although it's mostly inarguable that there are better stories being published right now, I don't think I have any (that aren't smutty) that I enjoy more, being a person more geared to enjoying comedy than anything else.

I especially liked that last line in this chapter that Harry made about being a celebrity, one of your better short satirical statments. The bit about him not enjoying the time turner (last chapter) since it bored him was also pretty funny. Dragon!Harry is a much more amusing take than most different versions of Harry, but most assuredly lacks the whole 'borderline author avatar' feel that you can easily get in/get in parts of some stories. I can just see the look in his eyes going "Now tell me why I'm supposed to care" at various points throught the story. It's great.

Naturally, I always hope for faster updates... but I'm more than happy to get any most of the time, so don't think of that as a complaint or a demand, but more idle commentary with a dash of 'hint'.

You're doing a really good job with this story, I hope you keep it up.


Author's response

Thanks a bunch. My vision's not so poor that I would be able to call my story the best, or even in the running. That you enjoy it so much is flattering, though. I, personally, like comedy the best also. Thanks for the review.