Review for Under His Wing

Under His Wing

(#) Quycksylver 2005-06-05

Oh... I liked this one. Judeau is my favorite character in the series, and I thought you portrayed both him and Griffith very well. Some of his thoughts at the end seemed so poignant, considering the end of the series--like the part about the Hawks being willing to die for him or follow him into Hell. Very nicely written.

Just a couple of tiny nitpicks--at the beginning of the story, you have Judeau's thoughts set off in quotation marks (it should have been single quotes) and in the rest of the story, they're set off by asterisks; you should really choose one or the other and stick to it all the way through.

Author's response

Glad you liked! :) This story doesn't get much love because it's such an old and not-well-known fandom.

Ah, thank you for the formatting things. I had formatted this a few different ways and missed making that uniform. Thoughts can be enclosed in double quotes, like regular spoken words, 'm almost totally sure. I've seen them done in single quotes before, too.