Review for Walk the Labyrinth

Walk the Labyrinth

(#) street-howitzer 2007-01-16

"after a long tense moment which lasted several hours" -- Terse, brilliant phrase. You're skilled at saying a great deal with a few words.

I would have rated this as Moving, but it's exceeded the limit for good ratings, apparently. Overall, it's a fantastic story. The romance was dealt with realistically and sensitively, as was the implied rape (which, now that I think of it, makes a depressing sort of sense). You've managed to weave the worlds of the movies and the books together very well; I don't think someone who hasn't read the SW novels would be unable to grok this.

Personally, I've never understood why so many SW stories deal with Jedi whining about how they can't love (including AotC); the rules don't say that they can't love, or have sex--just that they can't marry. You avoided such whinery; for that, and for your fantastic writing, I salute you.