Review for Cobwebs On My Zipper

Cobwebs On My Zipper

(#) whatkatydid 2007-01-16

There were soooo many things I adored in this chapter...

+"He was wearing the smile best known for reattaching arteries to their respective veins. He was good-looking enough to break hearts but his smile was capable of taping them right up again. " Great descriptive use of the english language. RESPECT YO!

+"Joe stood in the doorway, incredulous, blinking and with an expression worthy of a MasterCard commercial.
" That was funny yo.

+"Joe shook his head from side to side in such away his luscious curls bounced from side to side as he poked around in the fridge.
" Alex? This ones for you doll.

+"Smiling, he jumped off the bed and ran over to his acoustic guitar and brought it back with the cavalier nature parents scold in their children when handling an expensive thing." The funniest thing is, I don't think (m)any of us know Trick personally, yet we write him so well? Even if it isn't accurate, it feels accurate y'know? Am I making sense??

+ "looked up at him defeated and stared at his stormy gray eyes that held a strange sheen I'd never seen before. " I was going to rate it Hot just for that right there, I'm easily pleased.....

+"Temporarily, the smile faded from his face and took the color with it. Clearing his throat, he stood to change the cd. " This is a great way to end a chpater and I don't even know why, I guess because we know he's supresssing his feelings and it always makes way for great drama and writing.

I really enjoyed this chapter, kudos to you Zipperoo.