Review for A Shockng Discovery

A Shockng Discovery

(#) jabarber69 2007-01-17

Well written story but sad! But so true, I always thought the many times I have read all these stories where the Dursleys are abusing Harry, What if they had killed him. Another thing who in there right state of mind would just leave a baby in a basket with nothing but a note on a doorstep of people who he has been told dont like his parents, trusting in the greater good and then not even checking on him? Serves the wizarding world right to be consumed and destroyed by the actions of that old coot! In fact you ought to write or at least continue this story and show what happens now that Harry is dead and voldie by default has won!

Author's response

That's actually where I got the idea for this story. If Harry died before he attendeed Hogwarts, then ther would be no 'Harry Potter', and when Voldemort returned, there would be nobody to oppose him, and maybe the wizarding world would have to begin to rely on their own capabilities rather tthan 'a savior'. I am sort of thinking of a short chapter dedicated to the fates of the Dursleys, and especially that of Dumblefutz. That would actually be harder to write than this one was. Alorkin