Review for A Shockng Discovery

A Shockng Discovery

(#) Sch1av0na 2007-01-18

A hard but moving story. Thank you for sharing it with us. I must admit that I prefer your other stories and artworks, but this was a touching piece all on its own.

Author's response

Honestly, I prefer my other stories and artworks. I just got bitten by a particularly nasty bunny. It was especially hard to write this. I have a daughter. I've been raising her since her mother died in '96. I absolutely despise any form of child abuse. Since so many people have expressed an interest, I am thinking of doing a companion piece where Dumbles both gets his commuppance from all and sundry,(especially McGonagall) and does some serious soul-searching. If I do write one, fear not, I'll have the British legal system all over the Durslys. The Brits are hell on wheels where their kids are concerned. Alorkin