Review for A Shockng Discovery

A Shockng Discovery

(#) siaru 2007-01-18

Add my kudos to this story: well-constructed and well-paced for impact.

Responding to Max's comment: Harry had, from birth, 15 months of a loving environment; he knew what it was to be loved. I think that's the difference between him and Riddle.

Author's response

Thanks. I was aiming for maximum emotinal impact.
Honestly, I agree with Max. Harry should be either psychotic, or at the very least a sneaky 'user' type person. The type that can get others to do things for him in order to keep his own hands clean. (Think Draco.) The first 15 months, are usually before a child has a coherent memory. Your supposition is possible, but I don't know if that 15 months, would be enough to stabilize him. Alorkin