Review for Gambit


(#) uppsydaisy 2006-05-02

I found this a truly insightful take on the 6th book and on Ron in particular. I want to believe that this version is the truth, that the 7th book will prove it. A great piece of characterization for all three of the Trio. Nicely, nicely done.

Author's response

I actually wasn't a fan of Snape's going into Book 6--in fact, not a huge fan of HP. But to me the book read like the first half of a mystery, and there's just too much that suggests things are not as they seem--and I can never believe Dumbledore would plead for his life. I guess in a few years we'll know if all the suggestive elements are really clues, or just plot holes--but now I want to belive Snape isn't guilty too. I'm glad you like my characterization of the Trio--thanks for the review.