Review for dreaming awake

dreaming awake

(#) fyre_byrd 2006-05-02

I really like this piece written from the perspective of Bahamut. I don't believe I've seen anything like this before.

I like the way Bahamut puzzles over the conundrums of Spira and the fayth and their dream of Zanarkand and yet he comes up with so real answers. I like the way that he is content with not finding an answer. It makes him seem quite otherworldly indeed.

I like the way that Bahamut seems slightly fond of Tidus or at least of blitzball.

The story has a wistful and calm tone which I think matches the way that Bahamut speaks and acts in his encounters with Yuna and Tidus.

"Yet this time, he had allowed the breach, permitting this Zanarkand to meld with the other, tearing the thin fabric between the worlds (which one was real? this one? the other? it made little difference to him) and soon the dream will end." I would change ". . . will end" to "would end.

Author's response

For some reason I always thought that Bahamut would be somewhat fond of his Zanarkand, even if he desperately wanted the dream to end. It was what he was made to create, after all.

I do seem to be confusing "will" and "would" a lot, don't I? I think there was a similar nitpick in another fic, and "Dissonance" had the same problems when I first posted it. I'll have to take a look at that. Thanks again for reading and pointing that out.