Review for Atlanta's Feelings.

Atlanta's Feelings.

(#) DoReMi_05 2007-01-22

Doe: That was SO cute!
iPod: Ya well you're lucky I didn't barf half way through.
Zoey: Please get the image out of my head! Oh and that was story was sssssssssssssssssssssssssssso cute!
Charm #1: Mm hm ^^!
iPod: evil smirkHey look! It says at the bottom that there's going to be a sequel! (yes I did make that up).
Doe, Zoey, Charm #1: Where?!(looks ferociously down at the bottom of the story)
iPod: That's a shame. Sad, sick people.
Doe: Don't tease us like that.

* Jess:)

PS: Do you like my little friends here, the epies that we have in reviews? I hope you do, cause I do!

Author's response

Yeah, thats pretty cool. Thanks soooo much for your great reviews! And, 'cause you are a big fan of 'A New Begining', the next chappie should be up soon!