Review for Rock The Cradle of Love

Rock The Cradle of Love

(#) FrostedGlass 2007-01-25

How neadz two pruve-reed?


Ha ha, Charlie’s son is a self-righteous teen. Maybe a little too young for Kylene but they are definitely on the same wave-length. Namely their own one.

I can’t believe “milf” actually made it into the (American) English lexicon. That’s so horrible. HORRIBLE… ;)

Oh. OH! I totally have that hair thing with my sister. She’s got great straight hair and I… will shut up about it already.

/"Look, Joce, I'm ripping his head off." The tiny girl grimaced.
"Mom! Jerm is ripping people's heads off." I sighed. He glowered at the affectionate nickname his sibling gave him.
"Jerm, stop ripping heads off." I replied automatically as I strapped on some fancy heels. My son took a sidelong glance at me./ -> I can clearly see the pros of a nice single Mom family life.

"I'm sorry Jeremy. I'm at that awkward age where I'm a parent, but I'm not dead yet." -> Ha ha! Hilarious. I love that last line.

Charlie is hilarious when she’s explaining her speeding to the cop. You are hilarious. I need to expand my vocab. Milf.

Oh boy. I almost forgot I am the waitress. Goooooooooooooo, me! Ha ha… many kudos for the double-reference. And even more thanks. :)

Oooookay. Obviously you don’t need my petty little rating points. But just so you know, I would have rated this “funny”. Because I am not dead yet either.

You rock like Amadeus!

Sorry for the late review. I suck. :( I got finals. And stuff’s got me down. But I loves your stories!!!

Author's response

Oh my. Quite the review. My heart is swelling. I forgive you, I know you've been busy with the finals of doom. I know how you feel. Take your time, my curly haired counterpart. If you ever need to talk to someone, I'm here.places hand on your shoulder Aw, that was so afterschool special. xoxoxoxo