Review for His Diabolical Majesty

His Diabolical Majesty

(#) SafeFromRobotsDAMN 2007-01-25

Is that really what they think of HIM in america? is it true that there are singles over there released under HER? (Kinda stupid given what the H,I and M stands for-lol)
Argh!!! too many questions (well only 2 bu' hey) Slaps her stupid Scottish, non-american head and runs away :)
Well, anyway...another amazing chapter, even if you don't love it!(Tu es insane!) Can't wait for more...i love mythical creatures :)

Author's response

Here's a funny story about that whole 'HER' thing. There's a retarded jazz band here in America called 'HiM'. Well, when HIM first came to America, HiM sued them and made them change their name. Eventually, HIM bought out the name 'cause they're more loveable than HiM. HER, I do believe, stands for Her Eternal Royalty. (Yeah, I know, I'm obsessed.) And, you're not stupid! hugs And thanks for the review!!!! :)