Review for Young Again: The Rewrite

Young Again: The Rewrite

(#) koppe 2007-01-26

Great start... please update soon.
I especially liked that Voldemort got sucked back too, that should be very interesting.
I'm also looking forward to find out how long back they went... Before James and Lilly died -- can Harry do something about that? Before Hogwarts -- can Minerva remove Harry from his abusive relatives? Can they begin to groom Harry's future friends? Before Cedric dies -- can Harry save him? Can he hold off Voldermort's return? Before Sirius dies?
Also, how will Harry with the body of a child -- maybe even before he recieves his letter -- but with a mind/memory (and perhaps magic) of an adult, cope (or deal ;-) with his abusive relatives and school (especially if Dumbledore has yet not been informed)? Will he start fledgling DA early?
Keep up the good work, and please update real soon!