Review for To Fight the Coming Darkness

To Fight the Coming Darkness

(#) shawnpickett 2006-05-06

Outstanding story so far, I rather like the way you have Harry and Dumbledore at odds about things, but still on the same side. Dumbledore has made mistakes, but that is what they are, mistakes, not some Byzantine plot to be the next dark lord, or at least glorify himself by sacrificing Harry (most of the fics with Harry and Dumbledore feuding seem to gravitate towards this, with Dumbledore winding up going dark over it, thus the reason for Fawkes, a creature of light, bailing on Dumbledore.) You seem to have struck a nice balance of contention between them without making Harry an angel and Dumbledore a devil. Outstanding work, thank you.

Author's response

When I started this I wanted to be both realistic and believable. I strive to maintain that balance. My rule is that I can do whatever I want to a character as long as I can make the reader believe it. Chapter 16 is titled "Penny for your thoughts." It's about one third written and I think you can tell what it is going to be about. Jim