Review for 50 Breaths

50 Breaths

(#) MsCommandersons 2007-01-26

I'm not certain how to rate this story!

It was hot:
Slammed up against protesting wood, the grey-eyed boy let his fingers dig into the grain as a clever tongue traced a line across his neck.

It was funny:
While Ayame whirled around the room displaying his latest fashion creation, Haru commented that it would match Kyo's complexion perfectly; the three-way chase that ensued was worth a bruised arm or two.

It was frightening:
"Three can keep a secret if two of them are..." Akito whispered, finger tracing a pattern over polished oak before slamming his fist down hard enough to crack.

And poignant:

Autumn left a carpet of dried leaves on the ground and Kyo broke them with every step, without a care; they were only dead things, in the end.

Beautifully written! I must read more of your work!