Review for Harry Potter And The Corrections Of Past Mistakes

Harry Potter And The Corrections Of Past Mistakes

(#) koppe 2007-01-27

Great start. I wonder where this will go, so please update soon.
I wonder if Harry retain all his (and Voldemort's) knowledge, if he retain all his magic (as it were before he returned) and if he retained his hidden skill -- the ability to absorm magic (though I guess he did that with the first Killing Curse).
I very much wonder how far back you'll take him -- and what changes he'll make in regards to his friends, others, Dumbledore and the Dursleys... will he get Sirius free? Will he manage to take out Voldemort before?
I'm also wondering how soon he'll make a move on Hermione -- maybe as early as 1st, 2nd or 3rd year (long before Ron notices her, or think of her as anything but anoying)... and I really hope there will be babies (preferbly early).
How about the books, heirlooms and money -- will he be able to take those back with him? Will he be able to hide all of it? What about the rings -- after all this should result in duplicates (one set from each timeline)? Will he be able to use his status as heir to various families, now that he knows about them (and have the ring), to get to his vault and such?
Very interesting, keep up the great work and update soon,

Author's response

You will have to wait for most of your answers, as i don't really know it myself. One thing I can tell you: NO BABIES!!! For christ sakes, I don't believe when people say that they are eleven so they will have no relationship, as I had my first girlfriend with 11 and had sex with 13, but babies? C'mon... I'm not saying it doesn't happens, because I know a woman that had a child when she was 13, but that won't happen in my story.
Thanks for the review.