Review for The Curse of the Curls

The Curse of the Curls

(#) MMMramen 2007-01-27

Sheena kissed the mystery confidant?!?!?! Why is he macking on my namesake's mother? I literally covered my mouth in shock. I made the :O face, but it wasn't sexy. At all. I think Sheena's just...confused? She misses her man(and with good reason) and this ex-FOBer is available. I'm torn here. I love that you're taking the story in a completely different direction, but I miss the silliness that is Alex. I am in awe of your versatility. And might I gush about how cute the sunset flashback was? I didn't think you had it in you. Maybe she misses the romantic Patrick. Once again, with good reason. OK, now I'm rambling. Enjoy my point. You deserve it.

Author's response

Yes, that's why Sheena did what she did. And... hm, still in their older years, the FOBies still hold a certain je-ne-sais-quois. I really don't know.
Yes, in fact, I did not have the sunset flashback in me. ;) That was Rose. Thanks for the comments and point. DoJhuggage