Review for Harry's Second Chance

Harry's Second Chance

(#) JBern 2006-05-07

Nice interaction between Draco and Harry. I am glad you didn't go the whole, "Harry takes control of the Snake" route. I like the idea of leaving the broken Horcrux's with the dead serpent. Both a little taunting and psychological warfare at the same time. Another thing that bugged me was why Quirrell didn't open the chamber in year one. If I were Voldy, I'd have done it and had someone read the diary and enroll his 16 year old self in Drumstrang or something.

Anyway, good stuff. I look forward to more. - Jim

Author's response

I can't say I like the basilisk being redeemed either, although it can work. Of course, Quirrell may have gone into the Chamber for all we know, but if so, he certainly didn't release the basilisk. Obviously, in this Potterverse Voldie is being a bit more pro-active, so he will be visiting the Chamber the night before term begins. This will set a cascade into effect.