Review for Unguarded Moment

Unguarded Moment

(#) fyre_byrd 2005-06-11

The idea that Edea might have lucid moments in her possession by Ultimecia is an interesting one and would have made her ordeal all the more painful no doubt. That was the most interesting part of the story, I found.

The only real criticism I have is a small one, so I hope you'll forgive me. You abuse the ellipsis a little. The games themselves love to abuse ellipses too, really.

Your characterization of Caraway is quite convincing and consistent. Caraway's concerns are mostly military concerns, but he has compassion as well, which finally makes him too weak to do the "right thing".

At the same time I doubt that killing Edea would have stopped Ultimecia. Edea would have had to pass her powers on to someone else and then no doubt the cycle would have started again. It's just a thought.

This was an interesting look at a character whose motivations are not often explored.

Author's response

Yes, I do have a habit of ellipsis abuse. I'm working on breaking it. laughs

And while I'm not sure if killing Edea would have stopped Ultimecia, it might slow her down. and from Edea's point of view, she might be desperate enough to ask for death.

Thank you for the feedback. It was a big help. grin