Review for Muggles at Bay/The Protection of the Stag

Muggles at Bay/The Protection of the Stag

(#) BenRG 2006-05-08

I have to say that Luna's letter didn't seeme entirely right. Probably because it was too focussed and sensible ;-) However, I agree that Ron and Ginny have dropped themselves in something hot and sticky now.

What's the bet that Hermione will browbeat Harry into retaking the HoM paper?

Finally, we see more of entrepeneur Harry. He might be making a lot of goblins happy by increasing the amount in his vaults.

BenRG's Rating: 7/10

Author's response

I guess I just don't see her as all that Loony, but as a very hyper-straight-forward person who says exactly what she thinks and has read 'the Quibbler' too many times.