Review for Muggles at Bay/The Protection of the Stag

Muggles at Bay/The Protection of the Stag

(#) BenRG 2006-05-08

Ooh that was cold. Voldemort, I mean. Lucius was no more use to him so... ZAP! So much for the Malfoy line, unless Draco can work out some kind of cloning thing with Professor Snape's help.

Love has always been the weapon that The Dark Lord Knows Not, so I wasn't surprised that Harry's feelings for Hermione is like an Occulmens Crucio to Voldemort.

So, the Grangers are going to Australia for the 6th year? "Waltzing Matilda/Waltzing Matilda/I'll go a waltzing Matilda with you..."

Great fight scene, by the way. I think that the Helios charm might also work against Vampires.

BenRG's Rating: 8/10

Author's response

Yes, if I ever use vampires as 'bad guys' I might use that hex against them! And yes, that's how I see Voldie -- sort of like Dudley discarding his broken toys