Review for Deja Vu

Deja Vu

(#) iheartyou07 2007-01-30

TOOOORRRYY!!! Once again, i will say; HOW COULD YOU DO THAT!!?? HOW COULD YOU LET CRONUS WIN, AND KILL THEM OFF LIKE THAT?????? lol, I'm good now.:P you know i ♥ this chappie, cross that, this whole series, and like i said, im positive you have a signature Taylor twist to add to this:D and i can't wait. Bummdybum, you get a week off?? Tomorrow's my last day off, then I start term 2 on thurs. but you get a whole week:( ahh well, have fun, lol. and make sure to UPDATE! lol. I love getting and advance copy:D makes me feel special, lol. well, update soon!!!! hope your exams went well!
P.S. sorry if this posted twice!