Review for Homecoming


(#) whydoyou21 2005-06-11

Kind of unfair that I'm your only reviewer at the moment... this is really great! You have a real way with words!
So Devon's lost someone. Someone named Jonah. Relative, friend? And how?
And now she's stuck in the Monster World. Poor kid. But there's loads of questions. How did Randall know that truck was coming? And how did an active door get on there? Is there some other method of communication between the worlds?
From your description, it sounds like Devon fell down the chute that led to Randall's secret workspace, and found the Scream Extractor. Am I even close?
And who's going to find Devon? Does Randall know she followed him in? Will Sulley and Mike run into her? Oh boy - Mike wasn't too keen on a kid who could barely talk - how's he going to handle someone like Devon, who can not only talk, but make sense - and is on Randall's side?
Is Devon going to find out about Randall's nefarious plans for Boo? And how will that change her attitude towards him if she does?
So many questions is right! And I can't wait until some more of them get answered! Hoping for author/story alerts soon, so I can read more of this fantabulous story as soon as it's posted!

Author's response

Meh, it's all right; that just gives you more Brownie points!^^ But again, you're mostly asking the right kinds of questions (i.e. about stuff that's very pertinent to the story). I'll answer one for you right off the bat: Yes, Devon DID end up where you said she did, and that was the Scream Extractor. But I have to ask...where did I suggest that Randall had nefarious plans for Boo? Or even "nefarious" plans at all? I'm pretty curious where the former idea came from especially. I want you to understand, though -- just so that there's no confusion later on -- that the plan Randall is involved with here has nothing to do with Boo. That aside (and I'm sorry if I sounded a bit heated there ^^;), you seem to be making the right kinds of observations. And again, I'm VERY pleased that you're enjoying what you see so far. Thank you muchly for reading!:-)