Review for Black Vengeance - 1

Black Vengeance - 1

(#) mathiasgranger 2007-01-31

Well good conclusion to the discussion with the Slytherins. I still cast my vote H/Hr or H/slytherin girl. But, I have no problems accepting Cho in an expanded role, perhaps romance with Ron even. No big deal to throw him a bone I guess.

Ron is a bumbling idiot, and a piss poor excuse for a wizard. Name one feat of magic that could be described as impresssive that he has done. He is always out of the action before the end due to ineptitude. Ginny can either way.

Thanks for writing,

Author's response

Thanks for the suggestion about the ship with Ron, but I am not sure that Cho is compatible with Ron. It would be a really difficult thing for them to cooperate.

It is true that Ron is not very impressive when it comes to magic, but he has been loyal to Harry (more or less, at least). I have plans for Ron and Ginny.

Thanks for your opinion, and thanks for reading and reviewing.