Review for Black Vengeance - 1

Black Vengeance - 1

(#) yojorocks 2007-01-31

Very nice chapter, esp. the unbreakable vow Hermione made; it could lead to a very nice stable H/Hr relationship if you play your cards right (hint hint). Seriously though, I like how you didn't dismiss all the older Slytherins as simply not existing like most writers often do, not to mention have some of them be on either side of the fence. It's always Nott, Crabbe, Goyle, and Malfoy that are Junior DEs it seems; it is very refreshing to see that other people exist in Slytherin that gasp have opinions. Superbly done.
Keep up the good work

Author's response

Thanks for your opinion about the ship. Like you, I am not comfortable putting all the Slytherins in one large budding Death eaters group - there are a lot of differences in all Houses, as we can see. Also, I intend to develop the Slytherins a bit more (the House in general).

Thanks for reading and reviewing.