Review for The Power

The Power

(#) TJG 2007-01-31

Noticed your comment on your bio page in fanfiction. I am not sure if he is necessarily going to get the sort of skills and jobs that would be particularily useful to him. As a magic eater, it would probably be of interest to get the skills and be in positions to be able to get access to and be able to eat with little disturbance special and powerful magics whether from artifacts or animals. One skill set would be an alchemist or other enchanter to make his own items like a cook sampling his own dishes. Another skill set would be as a curse breaker and secretly a thief that can find and break into warded areas, evade or bypass traps and guardians, steal/eat anything of value, and escape without anyone noticing what happened. Another skill set would be to search, find, and breed various rare or forgotten magical creatures and eat some powers. These would all tend to require being able to network with various other professionals who are likely to have prickly personalities and may need to be approached in a manner that is more humble and diplomatic while still appearing to be professional. Giving the impression that one is coasting on ones popularity is more likely to cause others to clam up with regard to opportunities.

Author's response

A lot of what you say makes sense, but I'm not sure you understand how powerful he already is. At the end of his first year, he had become as powerful as Dumbledore. That has been growing tremendously since (This will be explained later in the story). He actually doesn't need more power. Also, this is a Harry who has no problem using his fame. He would not turn Scrimingour down. In truth, he will probably go on to be a politician. Thanks for the review and comments.