Review for Thirteen Ways To Say Goodnight

Thirteen Ways To Say Goodnight

(#) fyre_byrd 2005-06-11

Freya is lovely too and your description of her boredom and impatience with the politics of rebuilding Burmecia is very apt. She definitely doesn't seem to be the sort to want to sit around patiently despite the fact that she does love her homeland and it is necessary.

Also her reaction to Fratley is so sad and so true to life. It never made much sense to me that she was travelling everywhere looking for a man and even in the game one gets the impression that once Freya finds him she is somehow finding too that what she thought she wanted was not what she really wanted.

The way you deal with their relationship is wonderfully insightful. In fact, Freya's child seems to have much more in common with her than anyone else might think. Both she and Gudrun react to Fratley in the same way. They cannot stand his condescending smothering love.

On the other hand it is deeply pathetic that Fratley does seem to love both Freya and Gudrun so much. He is only trying to express his love as he knows how to do it. He has simply tragically failed to understand the woman he supposes he loves.

Your sense of humour works so well here. Freya and Amarant are a great deal of fun when they converse together.