Review for Black Vengeance - 1

Black Vengeance - 1

(#) Anaknisatanas 2007-02-01

I am glad that Hermione is with Harry. The Slytherin's proposal was interesting and I'm pleased that Harry is willing to hear them out. I can't help but wonder about Ron and Ginny. Of the two it seems Ron would be the most likely to betray Harry, unless Dumbledore bribed Ginny with getting Harry or something like that. I'm sort of surprised that Moody hasn't been raising a stink about how the Order is operating considering his personality. Is Draco really a hardcore Death Eater? What about trying to gain some more Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws? Or some of the alums of Hogwarts like Oliver Wood?

Author's response

Thanks for the encouragement. I think Hermione is one solid and dependable person, and she would support Harry unconditionally. About Ron and Ginny - you will find out in Chapter 6.

As for Moody and the remainder of the Order, you will be finding out some things much much later in the story. Draco, I think, is in love with the concept of lording it over others - it is this aspect of the Dark Lord he finds attractive. I doubt he has the guts to rape and murder in reality. I will not spoil what I have in store for him, but he is one enigmatic character.

Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws are already being recruited - it is in the next chapter, and I am uploading it in a few minutes. I am afraid I am not going to involve the alumnies of Hogwarts. The fic is Hogwarts centric, and I doubt outsiders can interact with Harry a great deal when he is in Hogwarts.

Thanks for reading and reviewing.