Review for Black Vengeance - 1

Black Vengeance - 1

(#) Dragen 2007-02-02

What another great chapter;

By the looks of it with Hermione help, Harry is uniting all the four Houses. I'm happy that Harry has got Hermione on his side.

I hope to see some Harry/who ever you're going to get date Harry with, soon. I hope it is both Hermione and Cho, but Hermione if all possible.

Author's response

Thanks for the encouragement. Yes, uniting the school is the idea. They cannot hope to oppose Voldemort effectively if one fourth of the school is on Voldemort's side. Hermione, I think, is a person who would side Harry unconditionally (as long as he is not doing something immoral).

As for the ship, you are going to have to wait until at least chapter 7 - when things start hotting up, and the war begins in earnest.

Thanks for reading and reviewing.