Review for Lingering Memories

Lingering Memories

(#) Calex 2007-02-02

Argh. I'm just... it's... oh god... I'm one incoherent, puddling mess at... that was just... Guh. Beautiful, simply beautiful. You write Satoshi/Daisuke in a way that is so believable for the series. You captured Satoshi's intensity, his struggle with Krad so beautifully, and all his repressed emotions.

Dark was wonderful. I loved his thoughts on Daisuke, and Emiko and his gradual warming to Satoshi, his smugness at his skill at kissing and his determined silence when Daisuke was still dazed by the fact that Satoshi kissed him. It's such a paradox, when Dark would usually be boasting, but then again, it shows the hidden levels of the kaitou.

Beautiful, beautiful work. I thoroughly enjoyed that. sighs happily