Review for To Fight the Coming Darkness

To Fight the Coming Darkness

(#) MasterKtulu 2006-05-10

Hey JBern! I’m one of those 99% of people who don’t review regularly you mentioned. Would you like to know why my kind doesn’t usually write reviews? It’s because we have nothing more to say than “Great chapter, hope you update soon”... Do you see now? How would you like to receive 2250 or more of those per chapter? It would take way too long for you to read all of those useless reviews… We’re actually doing everyone of your fans a huge favour by allowing you more time to write and ultimately update sooner… I hope in the future that you can begin to understand our kind’s ways and be thankful for our organised Read & Leave-Without-Reviewing (R&LWR for short) policy. Anyway, great chapter, and hope you update soon.


Author's response

Thanks for the laugh! I see I have lured you out of your comfort zone of R&LWR. I know this is foriegn territory for you. I appreciate the gesture on everyone out theres part to allow me to write faster and update sooner without replying to reviews. :)

Sadly, the only measuring sticks fanfiction offers is # of hits, # of reviews.

So from your handle you must be a Lovecraft fan. Wouldn't a HP/HP Lovecraft crossover be intersting. Though the heros in those always seem to end up dead or insane at the end.