Review for Redefining Summer

Redefining Summer

(#) jabarber69 2007-02-03

WoW another one on the same day! Bravo! Hey the whole will reading thing was very interesting. but I also saw you used again (which is cool) a photo album he found in sirius trunk that showed pictures of naked and half naked girls in hogwarts quidditch uniforms, now you state he rather like the pictures but was troubled cause those girls were old enough to be his mum now so he put the album back. I'm a guy and trust unless he was a gay then when he found those pictures he would spend quite the time looking at them and would take them with him! trust me, like I said I'm a guy, I know how we think!

Author's response

Okay i'll admit i may have blown it on that one. In my defense I'll say he was afraid to take it because Petunia may have found it. Although i won't show it in the story he'll probably retrieve it at some future date. lol
Future mayhem when he takes it to Hogwarts and shares, 'Oi, Potter that's my Mum!' ;)