Review for The Curse of the Curls

The Curse of the Curls

(#) GwenMerlon 2007-02-07

Ahh! This chapter was just grand...
The bookmark bit was sooo funny, and especially the part with her blaming it on Wiggy. I have to admit, though, that I probably would have done the same thing. I love that girl/fictional character!
And I can't believe Patrick would stoop to seeing that gasp annoying teacher! I'm extremely disapointed in him. Sheena on the other hand at least has the excuse that she kissed another member of FOB. If I was in her position, I'm sure I'd have a hard time keeping my lips to myself, too. And the chapter title fit so nicely. I can't imagine Patrick ever beating up on ol' Pete... okay, that's a lie, I could totally see it as you wrote it! lol Anyway, have a point, and go write some more!!!

Author's response

Thanks for the praise on Wiggie. She's the only reason I'm staying in Austria. Hoping that she comes back soon, of course.
Ha ha. Patrick bad, Sheena good. ;)
Peter is a wonderful name that suggests itself to so many word play thingies. (Still far from Patrick - Hat Rack though...)
Thanks for taking the time and writing such a wonderful review again, Gwen! :)