Review for Venus Rising

Venus Rising

(#) Shiva 2006-05-14

Ah, so this is what became of the thread on TFF! I'm impressed, helluin. I like the way you describe Lulu's Final Aeon, and having Isaaru come back was an excellent idea.

Author's response

Thank you! Actually, I'd written this before the thread; I was just looking to see what other people would come up with. Also my beta reader and I are working on a full-length story based on this idea, making poor Auron go through another pilgrimage, and giving Isaaru a chance to show what sort of High Summoner he would've made. Alternate universe, of course, but when the canon story's over, one either bronzes it and sticks it on a shelf or plays with it. :)

Welcome, by the way, and thank you for the review! Some of my friends are submitting good fic to this archive as well... please take a look around!