Review for The Lucky And The Equally Unlucky

The Lucky And The Equally Unlucky

(#) MyVengefulRomance 2007-02-12

I squeaked when I read the end. I can't explain it, I just...did. This was gorgeous. I freaking knew it, though. I KNEW that Gee was dead and Frank was visiting him in the cememtery. I read too much. shakes head But I did like (Well, I didn't LIKE like, I mean-NEVER MIND!) the way you always refered to the cememtery as 'Gerard's place'. And that he was 'waiting' for Frank in the same place as always. I also like the way you had him die. Not heroic, not in flames, just a simple, accident. That was beautifully written, sweetheart! As always, beautiful. sighs

And you wrote it to get back at me for always being so infernally depressive! squees That makes me all...giggly. Even though this was really sad...Jesus, I need a life. Thanks for the dedication! I wuv you mucho. (ha, yeah. I DID learn something in Spanish Class. laughs manically and runs off)