Review for Quiet Time

Quiet Time

(#) Gryph 2006-05-15

guilty wave I thought I reviewed this... Maybe I only thought I did. I know I read several things here before signing up, so this may have been one of them.

I have to disagree with the comment that at their age, they wouldn't be falling asleep together like that. I've done that often enough with guys I trust, and like you, I think that even if Atlanta hasn't quite clued in, she trusts Archie that much.

And I liked it because it wasn't all passionate declaration of love-ish. It seems much more natural.

Author's response

Haha, that's alright, I'm just glad you reviewed now. And thanks for agreeing with me, that's the main point I was trying to get out in their realationship was that they don't exactly 'LIKE-like' each other at that age, their trust in each other is that strong, no matter what happens. And yeah, I don't think Archie and Atlanta's actualy relationship will ever be all passionate and filled with the 'L' word. It is much more natural and develops out of their very strong friendship. Thanks for reviewing! ~Demenior